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Portfolio Category: BRAKE PADS


General information Performance, duration and security, which are ideal for vehicles for loading and high usage requirements. This material has been developed specially for the use of vehicles in daily rotation and great mileage, which optimizes the maintenance of the braking system and the brake pads useful life. Guarantee LITTON is one of the only…
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General information LITTON has launched its new exclusive formula for competition cars as result of the continuous scheme for development of new high tech friction materials. Brakes are of vital importance in motor racing; we have all recently heard a well-known driver complaining about the low performance of car brakes. Leading Rally drivers have used…
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General information Exclusive brake pad set line, manufactured with latest technology applied to braking comfort. This line is equipped with anti-vibration plate of original equipment. Guarantee LITTON is one of the only worldwide manufacturers that guarantees its brake pad sets in writing for 10.000 km. This decision has been the result of countless laboratory trials…
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General Information In agreement with all national and international regulations, the most complete range of products is offered to customers, covering all European, American and Asian applications with high applications for use in road vehicles, high friction rate and low wear out rates. Guarantee LITTON is one of the only worldwide manufacturers that guarantees its…
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