Quality Policy

According to Frictionlab S.R.L. which manufactures brake pads discs for the automotive market, Quality is the key for the surviving of a company as the quality level of the products manufactured meet the needs to which they have been made. In order to fulfill the objectives the Managing of Frictionlab S.R.L. agrees to:
Provide Customers with products that have the suitable quality to satisfy their needs and also to comply with the pertinent regulations.
Achieve the maximum motivation as regards Quality both in its own Organization and also among its collaborators.
Establish, keep and improve continuously a Quality System in accordance with the ISO 9001 valid standard which is effective planned and developed together with the other managing functions.
Results and objective evidence will always support working condition determination according to agreements and regulations required.
The managing administration agrees to perform continuous reviews on its policy and quality objectives, in all its processes involved in the continuous improvement. Such review will be implemented through an auditing system as described in the procedure 9.2 PG 01.

It also ensures that Frictionlab S.R.L. staff has knowledge and understanding about the Objectives and the Quality Policy and agrees not to disclose any piece of information received.

10/2018 - Rev. 05