The Company

Litton is located in San Martin's city, in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Develops, produces and guarantees brake pad sets for light and heavy vehicles in a constantly expanding wide range.

Being one of the biggest makers in friction of South America, LITTON is the absolute trademark leader in the Argentine Republic, concentrating its investments on the development and researching of new products.

Our main asset is the constant technological training, in order to provide safety and excellence in our friction materials for aftermarket so much to aftermarket of .O.E. Our facilities, are only in the world in having been conceived starting from a laboratory of tests, it is in constant expansion, researching, developing and testing products permanently so much in rehearsals of road test and also in our modern research and development center.

With an initial capacity of 12.000.000 of pieces-year, LITTON is the biggest maker in brake pads sets in Argentina and one of the three top manufacturers in South America, offering its customers the most complete range of products in the market, covering the European, American and Asian applications.

Our manufacturing strategy makes this wide range of products available, thanks to our own production and to the development of metallic rear supports and accessories.

LITTON and the environment

LITTON has invested in important resources in order to reduce any possible environmental impact either internal or external of our production process, being the unique company in the country that has sophisticated vacuum equipment in line at all stages of the production plant.
Using the present modern technology, we have optimized in exhausting processes, gas treatment, effluent, solid waste, maintenance and staff training.
LITTON complies with the national regulations of non- recycling material storage.
All the components that are harmful to nature from the gasses emanated from production units have been eliminated.

Our Vision

"Our vision is to become an international corporation, to be considered among the world leaders in its business area, with permanent innovation based on continuous improvement, focus on customers and the development of their human resources."

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop, manufacture and distribute high quality car parts in a highly competitive manner according our customer’s needs and providing excellent logistics service and after sales services.


"LITTON will be one the world leaders in its market. Making a difference due to its quality in the relationships established; imparting its beliefs and values in a radical manner by means of its products, services and business behavior which promote a better relationship with the individual itself and with its environment."


  • Importance of the relationships.
  • Continuous Improvement.
  • Commitment to truth.
  • Diversity.
  • Against pre-judgements and stereotypes.
  • Company as social transformation agent